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All manufacturers have a recommended Service Interval for their cars and vans and it is important to keep to these in order to maintain your vehicle at its optimum. Also for newer vehicles it is important to keep to the Service Schedule to maintain your manufacturer's warranty.

Here at York Road Garage we have the cutting edge technology to access all manufacturer Servicing Schedules to Service and maintain your vehicle to manufacturer's specification using genuine parts and recommended lubricants As we are working within the manufacturer's guidelines you don't have to compromise on quality and you can still retain your warranty without paying Main Dealer prices.

Some people think servicing is an unnecessary expense they can safely avoid, but nothing is further from the truth. Changing the oil for example appears to make no difference to your vehicle at all and can seem to cost a fortune. The oil is a very important element in the function of your engine. It ends up black in colour because it carries away all the harmful carbon deposits from the internal components of your engine and suspends them within itself.

The filter again traps harmful by-products of the combustion process but can become blocked if not changed on time. Once the oil and filter are saturated they become unable to do their job and increased engine wear takes place. From this you can see that it is false economy to exceed the recommended interval.

The Service doesn't just involve changing the oil. A full inspection of the transmission, including any recommended fluid changes, running gear and brakes form part of the rest of the Service we offer here at York Road Garage.

Just having an MOT doesn't tell the whole story, the MOT being a 40 minute, visual, annual roadworthiness check. The Service goes much further to make sure you and your vehicle are as safe as can be.

In this day and age it is not uncommon for a vehicle to cover in excess of 50,000 miles between MOTs and an awful lot can happen in that kind of mileage. Check out these photos of vehicles we have had in our workshop that have not had their regular service.

The rear brake disc in the first example has been worn away to nothing. How this vehicle still had brakes is a miracle, the consequence of which just doesn't bear thinking about!

When your vehicle is due its Service, don't ignore it. Call us here at York Road Garage and we will make sure you receive the best possible Service, and your vehicle will receive the very best care and attention it requires to keep you safe on the road and allow your vehicle to carry on giving you reliable Service long into the future.

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